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   Clay is universal: from the earth we come and to the earth we go. During our life we are molded by our trials and experiences, which can confine us in a perpetual reminder of our times of pain and suffering. This is the outer shell of clay.


   Cloth is what we use to separate our true selves from the world. In this process, it is a covering bandage, and a shroud; both sheltering, and holding them together. 


    While sharing their personal stories participants are encouraged to contour their bodies into a visual representation of their struggle.They stand on tree stumps and boulders, representing a small segment of their life, the trial endured. I am focusing on the universal human bond of suffering and the weight it has on us.


  Which anchors them to our natural existence and shared consciousness. We all suffer and are in need of healing. 


   After the images are composed and captured, the participants ritually shed their outer shells and begin the journey of recovery. I later gild each print personally as a representation of the preciousness and the energy given by this healing process. 

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